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We at Navcom Tekno Indonesia knows how vital it is for your vessels to be in the best condition. We’ve made it our priority to ensure the safety and readiness of your vessels, from designing tailored systems based on your specifications, to maintaining all your navigational systems. Our services include installation, repair and maintenance of navigation systems, communication systems, alarms and security in merchant ships, offshore vessels, cruise ships, fishing boats and yachts.

With us, you are always in safe hands. That’s why we at Navcom Tekno Indonesia always say – smooth sailing starts with us!

About Us

PT. Navcom Tekno Indonesia was formed in 2021. We pride ourselves on our customer-centred approach, where we put our loyal customers at the heart of the company – each decision and development we make is based on what our customers need.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experts who are passionate their jobs. Our vision is to bethe go-to company for the safest, most comprehensive, and most reliable service for your maintenance and survey needs; providing honest, accurate advice. That’s why the we continuously strive to improve our knowledge on the latest requirements and development to ensure that you are always in safe hands!

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Marine Service

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    Telp: +62 778 417 1073
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    Jalan Siradj Salman Ruko Grand Mahakam, Blk. D No.10A,
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